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Smoke Detectors

Recommend NEW smoke detectors (photoelectric and ionization) and Carbon monoxide detectors. Consider RF or Wi-Fi connected detectors. These detectors have a maximum life of 8-10 years. Change batteries twice annually. Install in all bedrooms, stairways, hallways, kitchens, install according to manufacturers recommendations and state and local requirements. Recommend fire extinguishers in all kitchens and utility rooms, garages. Conduct "fire drill / escape plan". Carbon monoxide / smoke detectors are required within 15 feet of bedrooms and one on each floor and in same room as fireplaces. Install detectors on the highest part of the ceilings because smoke rises, typically 6" or less from the ceiling. (NEC requirement is one detector inside every bedroom)

Dry well Video to install a DryWell to divert water away from your house


The following information is essential information to safeguard your home and family. Make fire safety fun with your children with coloring books and fire drills in the home.

Did you know that most communities require smoke detectors in ALL bedrooms?

Consult with local Authority for changes and new requirements for all safety items. 

All information is subject to change without notice.

Child safety

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ChildFireSafetyAttach.pdf                                         Print and color with your child

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